“Love is a Street Fight” - Not your typical love story.
As the title suggests this theatre performance explores the ups and downs of this crazy little thing that we call “Love”.

Entering into the upstairs studio of the Basement on Tuesday I was expecting short theatre that had merely a romantic and comedic appeal but I was mistaken. I’m Not Content Productions were presenting “Love is a Street Fight”, a surrealistically dark look at the hardships and struggles of relationships from the past and present.

It’s safe to say the performance was not what I was expecting, but I still thoroughly enjoyed show. The six stories are incredibly diverse while keeping with the theme of “love”: One minute we were witnessing a fathers gripping and tragic passion for his family - the next schizophrenic confusions casting mayhem for a couple . The stories are all written by local emerging talent and manage to end on cliff-hanger’s that leave you wanting to see more.

Whether it was a couple struggling to get through an abusive past or a seedy man trying to fill his empty heart with a trip to the local gentleman’s club, this play has it all.

The nine-member cast transform into different characters along the way. The characters vary tremendously throughout the performance. Two men imprisoned together, medical experiments and a relationship on the brink of destruction are just a few of the themes touched upon.

The lighting was suited perfectly to every individual play casting dark and grungy tones through the times of struggle and drama. This was teamed with airy music to help capture the emotions of those in the audience.

It’s a play that, even though you will hate to admit it, everyone can relate to in some way. Whether the characters portray a relationship that you’ve had in the past or a relationship of someone close to you - It is a show that will surely tug on your heartstrings and leave you questioning what makes love so addictive and compelling.

So don’t be fooled of the Valentine’s Day release date, this is no lovey-dovey performance. Instead it is six incredibly diverse 15-minute journeys into the dark-side of attractions and relationships. I shall mention no more but I highly recommend jumping on iicket and buying a pass to this performance!

By Kate McRobie


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