Module AKA Jeramiah Ross is an award-winning Wellington-based musician, EntertainMe caught a few creative words with him in time for his release of his latest solo work Imagineering.

As a multi-instrumentalist producer, tell us about the sounds you create.

I love to create other worldly music, I guess I am influenced by a band-type approach but I use the computer to create realistic sounding recordings. I try and create feeling and emotion first and create sound pictures with music. I love synthesizer music, old 70's sounding stuff but futuristic. I am not really into one type of style and I love creating all kinds of different flavours and colours. If I was a painter I would be surrealistic landscape artist and I love taking people on journeys in the headphones. There is a world between the left and right speakers.

Describe your latest work Imagineering and the influences behind these soundtracks.

The whole album is a soundtrack to images I see in my mind while writing music and I wanted to take people and show them sonically those worlds that I see in my mind. But as I am not a visual artist (as in I can't draw at all) I use music instead to get across those ideas. I figured out scenes and story boards, and the whole album is mapped out and ready to be made as a video piece or short film. I didn't have the funds to produce them through video so I made the music instead. But I left it open enough for people to hopefully imagine things also.

The whole album is just made out of a desire to make something cool that I feel happy with, that people like and to create something that will take people away while listening to it through headphones or in front of speakers. It's an experience immersion album. You have to pay attention to it to see all the detail and it’s inspired by things like Jean Michael Jarre’s Oxygene, Air's Pocket Symphony. At its core, the album is mostly an instrumental concept album based around the images in your mind that all human beings see when listening to sound.

Describe the visual elements behind the track ‘Stargazer Valley’...

Imagine its 2am in the Nevada desert - you just turned off the main highway and the car broke down...flat tyre…no spare... and you’re alone. So you make that choice…”Do I sit here in the car or do I follow those distant lights I can see glowing softly orange?”. “I don't know if I should”, you think to yourself as you open the car door, staring into blackness, slowly the dark clouds part revelling moonlight, with enough to see a path through the nearby hills leading into a valley.

You take a deep breath and head out across the dirt and grass heading towards the valley, that cold air snaps around you, by the time you get to the valley all the clouds have peeled away from the night sky and now you see the milky way, that wide splash of stars like a band of paint slapped against a endless canvas. You stare up in amazement at the beauty of being…you pass through closed-in hills and slowly make your way towards those soft orange lights, not knowing what to expect..way way out in the expanse.

Something like that (Laughs).

What would you say is your proudest achievement to date?

My Children.

Who would you like to collaborate with (dead or alive)?

David Glimour from Pink Floyd.

What is something you have learnt about yourself during your work in the music industry?

I seem to always keep pushing forward and that I just want to make some good art.

Do you have any fetishes or oddities we should know about?

The trick question, always the trick question, I have a secret love for trick questions. LOL, no I joke. Seriously, I have an audio plug-in addiction that I am getting help with. The first steps to ask yourself is do I really need 10 different EQ's? Realizing that you have a plug-in addiction to music software is the first step on the road to recovery.

What are your plans for 2012?

Hopefully by the power of grey-skull, turn Imagineering into a multimedia live performance. I have plans…I have plans! Surround sound, visuals, live band. I have started work on another album for LOOP which is slowly taking shape + the many other fun things I seem to find myself involved with. Carry on swirling around with all the neat creative energy creating mad crazy plans and sounds. It's a good time at the moment.

By Olivia Young

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